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f.r.e.s.h. currently has positions on both (2) committees available. Below is a description of each committee. 

-Fundraising: Will help with planning of all fundraising events and sponsorships. These events include Mardi Gras Gumbo Cookoff, f.r.e.s.h. beats, and Helpie Hours. Tasks include procuring food donations, silent auction items, and more. Meetings will be scheduled as the need arises.

-Membership: Will focus on the recruitement, retention and engagement of current and future f.r.e.s.h. members. This committee will also help plan socials and educational events for membership. This committee will also look for ways to grow membership and engage new young professionals. Meetings will be scheduled as the need arises.

If you have any questions, please contact f.r.e.s.h. at 832-369-9312.



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